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Our Corporate Commitment

Client satisfaction is Garg, Inc's priority. Garg, Inc assures client satisfaction in three main ways:

  • A Full Understanding of the Client's Needs
    Garg, Inc's engineers are able to interpret job requirements, execute project tasks, and deliver quality services to the client.
  • Personal Service
    As a medium-sized firm, Garg, Inc's principals and operations managers are able to devote attention to every project, guaranteeing the quality and timeliness of the work.
  • A Commitment To Each Project
    Garg, Inc provides complete dedication to each project, no matter how big or small. This includes supplying appropriate staffing to each project, close attention to schedules and budgets, frequent communication with the project owner, and strict adherence to internal QA/QC procedures.

It is this corporate commitment that allows Garg, Inc to consistently provide quality engineering products on time and under budget.

Key Personnel

Eugene Chuang, Ph.D, P.E

Eugene Chuang, Ph.D., P.E.
President & CEO

Dr. Chuang has over 20 years of experience in engineering. He has been Principal-in-Charge for various civil and structural engineering projects as well as railroad and transit projects throughout New York and New England. He earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D in Civil Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Rhode Island. His extensive academic research and technical publications have made him an expert in high-tech cementitious materials, structural theory and analysis, and computer modeling methods. His experience includes coordination with various transportation and public safety authorities, field inspection, QA/QC of field inspection procedures and reports, development of maintenance and rehabilitation recommendations, and fiscal control and management.

Madam Gambhir

Madan Gambhir
Vice President

Mr. Gambhir, Principal Systems Engineer and Vice President, has over 40 years of national and international engineering experience, including 11 years with consulting firms engaged in railroad signaling, communications, and multi-disciplinary railroad projects involving planning, design, project engineering, and installation supervision of major projects for heavy and light commuter rail, mass transit, and high-speed rail systems. His background includes major railroad signaling projects, construction support, construction inspection, quality control, preparation of plans and CADD drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for signals, CBTC systems, radio and optic fiber cable (OFC) communication systems and OCS. He has transit systems experience in integrated design and testing/commissioning of system elements including SCADA.

Mark Neri

Mark Neri
Regional Director

Mr. Neri, Regional Director, has over 30 years of experience in planning, engineering, and construction. He has accumulated considerable experience and knowledge in construction engineering for civil, rail, and transit programs and projects. He has collaborated with federal and state agencies as well as commuter and freight railroads on regional transportation initiatives and capital improvements. He has managed major programs for the replacement and renewal of rail and transit infrastructure. His other experience includes managing programs for structural and safety inspections of railroad structures.

Peter Rowe, L.S.

Peter Rowe, L.S.
Survey Manager

Mr. Rowe has over 30 years of experience in highway, property, and topographic surveys. His experience includes establishing ground control for aerial surveys (photogrammetry), highway location surveys, boundary surveys, fathometric surveys, and construction line and grade stakeouts. He is experienced in organizing survey plans for topographic and location surveys, identifying and mapping wetland areas, setting up and operating survey equipment including total stations, data collectors, global positioning systems, and levels, and in researching property records. He is also experienced in use of AutoCAD for manipulation and plotting of field data.

Frank Morse

Frank Morse
Operations Manager/ Resident Engineer

Mr. Morse has over 30 years of experience in clean water projects, bridge and highway construction, design and safety inspection. His responsibilities have included construction management, resident engineering, project management, analysis and design of bridge structures, development and design of bridge rehabilitation details, checking computations, and preparation of contract plans and specifications.